It takes time to create content marketing people love.  You’re didn’t get into ‘this’ because you wanted to become a full time blogger.  However, you know that your content marketing strategy may as well not exist if you’re not regularly producing media.

As your focus drifts to the other things you could be doing, let these three tips remain a mantra in your content marketing writing efforts.

Images Should Be Chosen With Purpose

Images are eye catching and useful pieces of content.  However, if you choose poorly, you may cause your reader’s attention to slip.


Headings Are Your Bread and Butter

If you choose not to write catchy headings, your reader may choose not to continue reading.  For the benefit of your readers who have little time and must skim, make them relevant.  Make them remember your style.


Size Matters

Short, punchy paragraphs will keep a reader engaged; once they start skimming, you’ve lost them.  To your reader, as to all, time is money.  You can make a quality statement more valuable with less words.