Visual Paradox - The Content Marketing Standard

Content Marketing often employs green stop signs. Send us a comment with a link to one or two that you’ve seen!

Have you seen a content marketing logo or copy that says something like “Clean and Quick” but visually, it’s dirty and hard to read?

If your answer is anything other than “Yes! AHHH I HATE THAT!”, then you could definitely use this quick video tip to gain some insight that many of your colleagues would kill for.


The Problem

As I scour the deluge of content out there, I come across visual oxymorons more often than not. Content marketing professionals, inbound agents, and the like often don’t have the budget to employ an actual, true-blue graphic designer.

Do you want to hear a secret? It’s totally obvious.

Your mission, fair content marketer, is to fix it!

The Current (low) Standard in Content Marketing

You are in a race to pump out as much keyword focused, CPC adjusted content into the marketing blog arena. Most marketers are simply blowing right through the blogging and eBook design process with very little care.

You can look at this in a defeatist way: “Everyone else’s content marketing media looks like crap so mine should skate by easily.”

content marketing design visual oxymoron

See any missing details? Would you trust ANY doctor that used Papyrus font?

You can look at this in a cynically capitalist way: “Why should I invest the five minutes it takes to make my content marketing media look nicer. Everyone else’s media seems to have the same problem?”

Or you can look at this as an opportunity: “If everyone else’s content marketing media looks like a wet pile of trash, my content will stand out!

A Brief Case Study

In this quick and helpful video posted by Before and After Magazine, we see a brief discussion on visual oxymorons and how to address them.