10 point marketing persona checklist

Without knowing your customer base, your marketing persona is a rudderless ship. Here are 10 things to consider to make sure you’re on course.  Please comment with your own suggestions or ideas so the rest of the community can benefit!

1. What are their demographics?demographics

Where’s home?  What’s their cultural heritage?  What sex do they identify as?

2. What is their lifestyle?

This has a profound impact on their spending, don’t you think?

3. What are their interests?

Tying in to the lifestyle, this would give an indicator to the types of services/products they may be interested in.

4. Who influences their product choices?

Are they the primary purchaser for a household? Are they the mother who does most of the shopping? Who do they consult about purchases? Influences can include their spouse or partner, children, parents, friends and other people or groups. Don’t overlook social media influences!

5. What are their personal goals?

Textbook marketing starting point: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  Where does your product fit into this scale and how does this influence buyers?

[maxbutton id=”3″]6. What are their past behaviors?

How do they spend money? How does this relate to your company? What have they bought and at what point in the offering cycle (full price versus significantly reduced price?)

7. Why do they interact with your company and your competitors?

Do they like or dislike your products? What are the specifics? How do they feel about your competitors’ products? Are there stumbling blocks to buying and using your products?  You should have a diverse marketing persona portfolio to address each of these issues (and more!).

8. What do they want from your company?

Are they just looking for basic products at the lowest cost? Do they want special help using them? Do they want to be actively involved as a fan?

9. Where do they look for information about your product category?

Do they google it?  Are they bing fans?  Does ANYONE still use yahoo?  Each marketing persona needs to accomodate each type, regardless.

10. What type of information do they want?

Are they looking for product details, customer reviews, purchase information, product support or other options?