Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr presents a ripe opportunity for new adopters.

However many changes get made, Tumblr will likely remain a medium best served by attractive visuals.successful-content-marketing-tumblr-disney

It’s a place to showcase and share content.

For creative people, it’s a place to show off and catalogue. If you’ve got quality, branded content such as photos, videos, and animated gifs, Tumblr’s users will echo them far and wide.

Here are three pointers for producing successful content marketing efforts on Tumblr:

1. Tumblr is best for visually provocative media

According to Tumblr’s Brand Strategist, Alexis Kaplan, photos are the most popular content on the site, followed by animated GIFs, text, and video. She also hinted that Tumblr expects audio to be big this year.

tumblr_mo00i5Vkaa1rvn2ylo1_4002. Follow your fans, and share their content

Following your consumers is an important courtesy that shows your brand is listening and appreciates what they have to say.  Some feel this casts your business in negative light however it is unknown whether this has a tangible effect on marketing strategies.  Nonetheless, Tumblr doesn’t show those followbacks by default so it shouldn’t be an issue.

3. Make content that incites an emotional response

The beauty of working with a visually stimulating platform like Tumblr is that it’s sometimes easier to incite an emotional response with photography and video than with words. Visual content is memorable, and thus it has a high potential to spread virally.