Businesses are affected by a number of different outside forces that are beyond their control, and one of those just happens to be the weather. A particularly bad cold snap can leave potential customers indoors and hurt the bottom line, but it can also have a direct effect on how the business is able to perform their normal duties. That could be things like deliveries, or picking up orders, all of which becomes a little more problematic on a road covered in snow.

printing services, business card printing, CanadaWhile most Canadians are accustomed to their cold winters and adjust accordingly, it doesn’t mean that problems don’t exist. That may be why, besides the convenience aspect of course, so many businesses are trying to find online alternatives to those problems, and one area that is seeing a big rise in popularity is online printing services. Most of the print jobs for companies like business card printing are normally handled at a local print shop, but if the one that is nearest to the business doesn’t provide all the required services, or is of substandard quality, that means searching further afield. Doing that can mean hopping in the company car, out in the cold and on scary road surfaces which, although it’s a job requirement, isn’t fun for anyone.

Printing services are not just something that can be ignored until the weather turns, as many businesses, big and small, depend on flyers, business cards and presentation materials in order to get the job done. With online printing, all of the legwork is taken out of the process and with the templates that many companies now offer, the business owner can get a pretty good idea of how his finished product is going to look before he orders. This is a massive time saver, which is crucial to the smooth running of any business.

printing services, business card printing, CanadaMoney is a huge factor too, and one advantage that online print companies have over their street level competitors is that they don’t have the large overheads of a traditional shop, which means that expenditure doesn’t get added to the price of their services. That means that there is a potential to not only save yourself a lot of time, but also money, even on your first order. Another way to save even more is to employ the services of an online print broker who will find everything you need at the lowest possible price. Brokers generally have relationships with a large number of online print companies, and they can use that to barter you a better price, to the point of even having different people do different components of your order.

So this winter, instead of strapping snow tires on the company car, or investing in a new jacket, toque and gloves, take a look at how you can manage parts of your business online. You may even find that you’ll want to continue doing so, even when the sun begins to shine again.