Truth be told, most people don’t even think of competitive analysis verses comparative analysis when looking at their online business optimization strategy.

Yet the two on deeper study are quite different. In short, doing competitive analysis to determine your success or lack of in online business optimization is to look at your page ranking.

While comparative analysis can be your entry on the methodology on how to improve ‘the little things’ that kicks your performance up a notch, which in turn increases your page rank.

Let’s say for example you’re in the widget business. Certainly, you better hope someone else is in the same widget business. If you don’t have competition you’re not in business, you’re an anomaly.

Competitive Analysis vs Comparative AnalysisContinuing this example, let’s consider the shopping cart between your widget site and your competitors. A comparative analysis may show your competitors shopping cart calculates the price of shipping, after an order has been placed and before it has been finalized.

This leads you to an opportunity for adjusting the website to simply say what your zip code? Will estimate the shipping costs of your order.

This avoids shopping cart abandonment, and gives you a competitive advantage which you ascertained by doing a comparative analysis.

This in turn leads to more sales for you, which in turn get you better page ranking, and it becomes a self-fulfilling cycle. As with all online business optimization, while the devil is still in the details, comparative analysis makes that devil one that can handled.