Crowd sourcing appears to be a quick and cheap option for inbound marketers who need content.  If you are a savvy content marketing professional, you know that not all things that glitter are gold when it comes to cheap media.  Here are some possible problems to consider .   Content marketing is still subject to copyright law   Can you guarantee that work done for you is legally yours?  The recent boom in Content marketing has led to the output of so much media.  You might think, Read more [...]
Have you ever poured your team’s time and resources into developing content marketing media, only to watch it fail to resonate with your audience? Well, you know what they say: those who don’t learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. Check out the list below and see if you can attribute that poor campaign performance to one of these 20 Ways to Fail With Content Marketing: Not Including Keywords. Successful content marketing starts with integrating keywords that will help Read more [...]
Content marketing requires its namesake to be fulfilled and that task can be daunting.  But why reinvent the wheel? One of the best services marketers can provide these days is to act as a filter for all that’s being produced out there and aggregate the best of the best on behalf of our communities. Finding and sharing consistently high quality, relevant content and adding insight to this information is not only a great way to increase the volume of your content, it’s a great way Read more [...]
Ever since Hubspot began its Wikipedia campaign back in 2009, marketing agencies have increasingly adopted their major talking points. Inbound Marketing is everywhere (so long as you’re talking ‘within marketing circles’) Hubspot uses inbound marketing and look how successful they’ve become! Folks, the hardest part about leaving a cult is realizing you’re part of a cult.  I say, perhaps it’s time to start letting the hair grow out.  Maybe get a different brand of flavored beverage.  Read more [...]
It takes time to create content marketing people love.  You’re didn’t get into ‘this’ because you wanted to become a full time blogger.  However, you know that your content marketing strategy may as well not exist if you’re not regularly producing media. As your focus drifts to the other things you could be doing, let these three tips remain a mantra in your content marketing writing efforts. Images Should Be Chosen With Purpose Images are eye catching and useful pieces of content.  Read more [...]
Inbound marketing is a tool in your toolkit rather than a replacement for traditional sales and marketing. Geoffrey James     Inbound marketing is incomplete marketing Jon Henshaw   Inbound marketing Is Not About Costs Larry Kim     Inbound Read more [...]
Have you seen a content marketing logo or copy that says something like "Clean and Quick" but visually, it's dirty and hard to read? If your answer is anything other than "Yes! AHHH I HATE THAT!", then you could definitely use this quick video tip to gain some insight that many of your colleagues would kill for.   The Problem As I scour the deluge of content out there, I come across visual oxymorons more often than not. Content marketing professionals, inbound agents, and the like often Read more [...]
10 point marketing persona checklist Without knowing your customer base, your marketing persona is a rudderless ship. Here are 10 things to consider to make sure you're on course.  Please comment with your own suggestions or ideas so the rest of the community can benefit! 1. What are their demographics? Where’s home?  What’s their cultural heritage?  What sex do they identify as? 2. What is their lifestyle? This has a profound impact on their spending, don’t you think? 3. What Read more [...]
Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr presents a ripe opportunity for new adopters. However many changes get made, Tumblr will likely remain a medium best served by attractive visuals. It’s a place to showcase and share content. For creative people, it's a place to show off and catalogue. If you've got quality, branded content such as photos, videos, and animated gifs, Tumblr's users will echo them far and wide. Here are three pointers for producing successful content marketing efforts on Tumblr: 1. Read more [...]
The big demand for marketing with social media is indicative of the world we live in today. While tradition online marketing methods still work, this new form of marketing has become necessary if you want to increase traffic. Look at this website for more information about how to begin your adventure in social media marketing. Social Media Make sure you keep a blog and keep it up-to-date with relevant and useful information. Post any promotions or sales you have via your blog. If there is anything Read more [...]